1: A game to help you

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A game to help you

Your group is going to create a game that is going to help all the students that come with you to London. The game is used to make their English better and to make them able to ask simple questions and give simple answers to the questions.

Step 1: making cards

First of all, your group is going to make many small cards (about 50, or more) with paper and scissors. You all have to cut cards until you have around 50 cards. It would be nice to have cardboard cards with a nice colour, but this is not necessary.

Step 2: making questions

Now, with your group you are going to think of 50 nice questions that you could ask the person in front of you. It should be questions that are interesting and/or relevant for your stay in London. Here are some examples of questions:

· Could you tell me the way to the tube, please?

· Do you have any brothers or sisters?

· Excuse me, could you tell me where the ‘Tower of London’ is?

· What do you do in your spare time?

Your group will have to fill in 1 question on each card. Try to be as original as possible!

Step 3: What is the game like

The game is like this: You will divide all students of a first year class who will come to London (including yourselves) in pairs. You will hand out a couple of your cards to each pair in the classroom. One person of the pair has got the cards and he/she asks his/her partner the questions that are on the cards. The other person will answer the questions that are being asked in a (if possible) proper way. This means that the one who has to answer the questions, has to use his/her imagination. The answer should be as long as possible, because this is good practice. After all questions are asked, the pairs swap roles. This exercise is used to make the students talk and to prepare them for questions that they might have to ask in London (or could be asked).